Public Record Filings – Definitions

Public Record Search Definitions


Civil Filings and Civil Litigation Search (County Level or Federal Court):

This type of Name Index research will identify public record civil filings for Individuals and Business Entities too.  Results will include public filings such as lawsuits, judgments, state or local tax liens, other types of liens, and federal tax liens, which are filed in County level courts or in any of the 102 Federal U. S. District court jurisdictions.  These type cases are listed by Plaintiff and/or Defendant Names and other matrix suited to each platform we may query.  We can identify, obtain and confirm authentic documentation from the original file, such as the Complaint, Amendments, and the Disposition of the matter, as required.


Current Owner Real Property (Deed-Mortgage) Research:

This type of search determines the current Ownership and we will document the current Deed.  This can be performed by Name or by submitting the Address Location to be confirmed.  Similarly, current and/or closed Mortgages, Assignments or related transactions can be verified through Recorders Office.  You must provide the Name and/or the property address along with your instructions to conduct this type search


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