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Thank you for choosing The Accu-Facts Company as your partner in security and employment verifications. Our company provides Employment Background Screening and public records search services nationwide. The Accu-Facts Company locates, obtains, and delivers genuine Applicant information from the source, to confirm and validate the submitted data, from the Applicant, Intern, Volunteer or Third Party Vendor.

Employment Screening and The Power Of Information

As companies are constantly pushing to improve the quality of their workforce, it becomes critical that each potential candidate is hired free of any disqualifying problems stemming from their personal and prior employment work histories. This goal requires that your human resources personnel are always on top of the situation from start to end, in the hiring process. To successfully hire anyone, they need to have access to all the information they need to make smart hiring decisions and eliminate any possible hiring liabilities the company wants to avoid.

The Accu-Facts Company has been providing hiring solutions meant to address this by making it quick and simple for businesses of any size to search public records for critical documents to validate and confirm applicant submissions. Utilizing the available public records and official non-public agency records, we provide genuine documentation to facilitate your hiring and strategic business decisions.  These type tasks represent our primary services and we complete each background screening task with FCRA compliance and regulatory concerns being met on every assignment.

We conduct FCRA compliant background screening checks, we research and provide courthouse record retrieval services, and we provide vital business information for transactional certainty, prior to you acting or making your business decision. This model of performance significantly reduces the liability risks inherent in the hiring process, allowing our clients to focus on recruiting more talent, knowing that The Accu-Facts Company is bringing them the information they need, when they need it.

Personal Screening and The Professional Edge

For individual clients, it’s important that you have all the tools available to help you get your foot in the door. Employers are putting significantly more stock in the results of background checks before they make a business hiring decision. It’s imperative that applicants know what their public records search finds, as it will foster the correct and right background result potential employers need and it will ensure that all information is as up-to-date and free of "Name" errors.

Providing all the important documentation is also a sign of initiative and personal drive, attributes that are highly sought after by employers, regardless of industry. Conduct your own personal screening and public records search to obtain that professional edge over your competition.

A Legacy of Quality and Efficient Service

For over 25-Years (since February 1986), our services have been utilized by management personnel in Human Resources, Security & Safety, Operations, Benefits, and Logistics departments, along with individual Business Owners too.  We earn your trust and demonstrate our value delivering vital and assertive information, on every job.

We know firsthand how crucial it is to have as much information available at all times, and we make it a point to deliver the desired information as quickly as possible to our clients. Entrust us today with your employment background checks and company due diligence needs.

We will obtain and deliver all the FACTS that matter to your decision – Contact Us Today!


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