Our Business History is a Record of Trust & Ethical Conduct

The Accu-Facts Company, a division of CEO Corporate Security Group, Inc., is an established nationwide provider of background screening services and insightful business information, since February 1986.  Our work confirms and validates your hiring decisions and it helps your personnel protect your firm against negligent hiring lawsuits, negligent retention, and it helps your organization to mitigate bad hiring risks or poor 3rd Party Vendor choices.  We validate and prove out the Applicant statements and our work efforts help to support your firm’s FCRA compliance and workplace security guidelines.  As your background screening partner of choice, we will earn your trust on every background screening assignment, each job and each task.

Our customary practice is to provide you with original, precise data to validate an Applicant’s identity, validate the candidate’s overall work credentials, work experiences, criminal conviction history, and we support your commitment to hire with authentic records from the source or from the official agency.  The decision to hire is yours!  Our field efforts assist you to choose and analyze the best candidate with factual, confirmed applicant data, or discovered information we developed through the investigative effort, allowing you to act with more confidence than otherwise!

Your confidence to act upon an application is critical to the FACTS we prove and match to the submitted information, on every background screening job.  Truthfulness really does matter and submitted half-truths, embellishments, or outright false statements from an applicant, must be identified by our work efforts to help you prevent a bad hiring decision.  Your firm’s hiring success facilitates our long-term business relationship as an established, credible and trustworthy service partner, with your background screening program.

When we provide you actionable and precise information in the pre-employment screening phase, it allows you to act promptly on your hiring timeline and it helps you to meet FCRA guidelines and related regulatory compliance.  Because our policy is to document every adverse or derogatory event, we deliver transactional relevance with timely, accurate, and objective background reports.  Our audit trail is precise on every job.  Authentic file information, or a proven lack thereof, answers many of the basic questions to a quality and valued relationship with our firm.  We protect your workplace interests and help limit your hiring liabilities, as reasonably possible, and we meet FCRA compliance, on every job!

Our firm is structured to handle: 1) Your employee screening and your pre-employment screening needs, along with similar background check tasks for all of your Vendor and Third Party Contractor screenings too.  Be sure to avoid touch points to your staff and workplaces that do not meet your own internal screening standards!  Finally, we offer on-site public record research and genuine record retrieval services nationwide. Business and hiring due diligence depends upon authentic case file data and not just a “database” online search effort.  From start to finish, we provide the “Real” facts that matter.

Each of our service offerings relate to the process of confirming identities, locating, verifying, and documenting both public and non-public record information, and with this process you are meeting necessary compliance and regulatory concerns.  All these steps are employed to assist your hiring decision with confidence and the knowledge you have validated the necessary facts to satisfy your firm’s hiring process.

Operating for over 25-years (since February 1986), we strive to earn your background screening business and gain your trust on every individual assignment.  We support your aggregate hiring program and background checking process, which helps to facilitate your firm’s expansion, growth, and deal-making, in any merger or acquisition opportunity.  We are experts in knowing who people really are and not just what they say…!

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