Choose Us as Your Vendor of Choice

Providing Value with Quality Services:

Our service trademark is to locate and acquire authentic source documentation for each individual task conducted, on your background screening assignments or your requests for document retrieval services nationwide. Quality service is defined by our daily internal business practices and these values include:

  • Liability Protection – We carry Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Well Versed in FCRA, DPPA, EEOC, and local, state and federal laws.
  • Beneficial HR, Security, Benefits & Operations Support
  • An unblemished record of continuing FCRA Compliance
  • Established long-term Background Screening experience, since 1986
  • Onsite Courthouse and Agency experience, for genuine file documents

Competitive and Affordable Task Pricing:

Our Service Fees and component pricing is the most affordable for nationwide background screening, providing you with high quality results, comprehensive written reports, along with genuine file documentation from the source.  Since we obtain authentic support documents up front, with every job, FCRA compliance is not an added value or added service fee with our professional services.

Accurate & Efficient Electronic Turnaround Time:

Same Day to 48-hours turnaround time is typical with our daily work effort, whenever available, from the public records or the non-public agency handling our background inquiry. Promptly, we communicate adverse or derogatory information to our clients, on a daily basis. Support documentation may take longer to retrieve, depending on the location or time frame of a given record, but our staff diligently communicates that information to our clients.

Personalized Service with your HR, Security, Operations or Benefits Personnel:

Your telephone call is answered “real time”, by our representatives, during normal business operations.  Daily and throughout the day, our staff is available for personal assistance, to answer questions, execute your requests, and provide clarity on any job, with your assigned HR, Security, Operations or Benefits personnel.

Genuine, Physical On-Site Courthouse Research and Record Retrieval:

Our field staff physically travels to county, federal, and state agency locations to retrieve genuine file data or otherwise official information. We always attempt to obtain authentic file documentation, to support adverse information, in the conduct of performing your background screening research.  This compliant approach to service your account on every job ensures FCRA compliance and validates that your firm has received 1) the most up-to-date information, and that such data is obtained 2) from the official public record source or 3) directly from the non-public source agency!

We know “database” results are readily available with nationwide capability on certain screening tasks, but “stored” or “aggregated” information from a potential “outdated” database, may not meet the necessary legal issues for FCRA compliance alone! Unless that database information is ultimately confirmed and verified directly from the source, with genuine proof, then you are at risk  to make a bad hiring decision on unconfirmed database information or not have the vital information to make an important due diligence decision! 

The Accu-Facts Company offers and conducts on-site retrieval, so this type of quality service is guaranteed on every job.  We deliver the official data you need to make a decision with complete confidence, based on proven facts, which meet FCRA compliance every time!

FCRA, EEOC & DPPA Compliant for Every Assignment:

Our established record of overall hiring compliance is unblemished, for over 25-Years consecutively. You can be confident that your background screening program will meet any future FCRA challenge, if we are your Vendor of Choice.  Because we validate identity, worker eligibility, and any criminal records found at the outset, on every background screening job, we meet statutory compliance. We provide assurance that FCRA compliance is substantiated throughout each phase of your assignment, with and on each task, so your hiring program and every hiring decision you make will too.

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