Mission Statement

Our mission is the same on every employment and pre-employment screening assignment.  As your Vendor of Choice we commit to research and document each background screening task, associated to the Subject Name, then convey FCRA compliant results in a concise written report, with secure attachments containing authentic file information.  Our manual and online process reflects the requested individual tasks, or multiple tasks, completed by our staff.  Delivering an FCRA compliant and comprehensively typed background screening report completes our assignment, for each Subject Name.

Differentiating our firm from the national competition is the quality of our work effort, with an unmitigated compliance effort, timely communications with all our clients, and personalized customer care, in each of our firm’s business or personal relationships.  We define quality as something more than a simplistic online database search, which is one of the available tools, but an online search tool is not an end all to the screening process. 

Our definition of a quality work product is to provide our Clients with original, authentic file photocopies, wherever appropriate and available from the source, which meets every aspect of FCRA compliance at the outset, on every job.  It also means getting the typed report done timely and within the economical terms of our agreement.  Our online platform allows for an easy Customer interface and it provides you an accurate, daily representation of our daily work flow.

Your confidence, along with our performance, reliability, ethical conduct, and trustworthiness, will be earned in our relationship on every job, one job at a time.




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