Roll Out Notice:


Beginning this month, you will notice the fresh new look of “The Accu-Facts Company”, rebranding our Name and our New Logo.

Our new website domain is:, so please consider bookmarking our new internet website address, as we engage with our social media participants soon and over time.

You’ll identify with our New Name spelling and begin to see our new Logo on written communications, Invoice statements, and with a variety of new individual email addresses too, from now and through September 2013.

Our name rebranding is to bring clarity to the professional services we provide nationwide for background screening, while we are attempting to have a more user friendly and interactive website.  Hopefully, the new site is allowing you to navigate directly to our compliance and administrative Forms, send us online work orders, view results of your background checks over time, and for you to communicate electronically with us, as you desire.  Likewise, we are reinforcing our ability to provide background screening to Personal and Third Party Vendor relationships too.  Finally, we offer an online order form to place your document retrieval search and copy order.

A new site feature we hope you will consider on our site, both with your home office, or from your multiple locations, is to utilize our secure Client Login that offers more value for our customers; a “User Friendly” online ordering process, while the new site provides you 24/7 secure access to all your Orders, it provides a Job Status, and it maintians your completed background reports, for future reference, as desired.

Of course, we’ll intend to deliver all our research and completed reports with the same unsurpassed, personalized, and timely service, which are vital commitments you have come to expect from our staff for over 25-years! We certainly welcome and desire your feedback either by calling us directly or communicating by email to

We appreciate your business and thank you for your continued support. Best wishes toward your business’ growth and success.

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