Applicant Background Checks:


In today’s business environment, identity theft, false claims from employees, workplace violence, workers compensation fraud, accounting or expense fraud, theft of property or theft of services, drug use and distribution, along with other types of occupational fraud and abuse, are issues with greater workplace significance than ever before.

Security, Logistics, Operations, Benefits, and Human Resource professionals must consider pre-employment screening as the initial and essential standard, the first step, in every hiring decision. From an objective standpoint, businesses that fail to screen, or those that inadequately screen job candidates, will expose themselves to the potential pitfalls noted above, and have the potential for a litany of other legal problems. The hiring risks are real, so take all those actions necessary to prevent a problem today, BEFORE you hire someone.

Background checks confirm Identity and truthfulness of the candidate’s information! It is simply a process of conducting those vital background screening tasks and gathering applicant information relevant to your pre-employment, employment and Vendor screening program. A series of pro-active screening tasks should be conducted on all your applicants, current employees for promotion, and third party vendors entering your workplace. Some checks are mandatory by statute, while certain tasks are relevant to certain types of jobs, or are based on industry standards.

The same hiring risks apply every time. It means Management must be vigilant in verifying, corroborating and substantiating the personal information on each person, to protect your firm. An effective strategy also provides a precise audit trail for FCRA compliance and to substantiate industry standards, in your operations, as noted herein.

The entire screening and check process is predicated on an “Applicant Release Form”, signed and completed by the individual, under consideration for Employment or in a Vendor relationship, for example. This is our authorization to work for you, to conduct the background screening on the person, and it meets FCRA guidelines too.

With an effective and consistent background screening process in place, you are establishing (or re-establishing) as fact the truthfulness of the person, the validity of the information provided to your firm, and the real identity of the person standing before you. Your industry sector, the type of job being offered, the sensitivity of your job position, and related compliance issues are all relevant factors, to your overall hiring program.

For over 25 years, “The Accu-Facts Company” has been a trustworthy and credible partner to outsource this vital screening function. Since 1986, it has been our primary service and we are FCRA compliant! WHY? We provide you genuine, authentic file information, right from the source, to meet FCRA compliance, on every assignment. Your hiring program and the data we convey are the “The Simple Truths” for every applicant’s package. Outsource the tasks you need – We deliver the FACTS that matter!

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