Education, Sciences & Biotech

Education, Sciences & Biotech Employment Background Checks & Screening

Corporate and Institutional campuses bring together a diverse group of people.  Today’s business environment demands a conservative and comprehensive approach to background screening; basically taking as many steps as possible to meet compliance and regulatory concerns, for employees, clinicians, third parties, interns, volunteers or others that may participate within your organization.  Confirming worker eligibility, credentials, and experience are all baseline, mandatory concerns for your talent acquisition and your on-boarding process.

The Accu-Facts Company can support each aspect of your pre-employment background screening program, at the outset.  We have available a wide range of resources to confirm and verify both public and non-public information, as authorized, to mitigate and eliminate your firm’s exposure to hiring and participation risks.

Consider our multi-task Background Screening Packages: Affordable, timely, high quality reports are available nationwide.  Contact our representatives today for any question or to understand our capabilities.

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