Promote Workplace Security and Efficiency With Employment Background Screening

Know WHOM you are really hiring! Establish and prove employment eligibility on every candidate or third party contractor entering your workplace. Confirm, validate and corroborate all the FACTS that matter to your job opportunity. Establish your enduring concerns for workplace safety and security with a hiring program that also meets FCRA compliance.  E-Verify and I-9 Form validation is the best place to begin the process!

Conducting Pre-Employment background screening and baseline background checks is a primary service of our firm. For over 30 years, we have been helping companies ensure a candidate’s identity and employment eligibility, based on the tasks for your program. Take every step necessary to avoid negligent hiring lawsuits at the outset, before you hire anyone. We help to limit the vicarious liability placed on your firm and management is proactive to protect your personnel, at every opportunity.

Comprehensive Background Check for Your Company’s Benefit

Confirming Applicant statements and the submitted information begins with us searching out public record filings and also obtaining non-public data, which is authorized with a signed Release Form, from the Applicant or Contractor.

We offer employment screening service which include a variety of screening tasks that, when combined in a Package, will help you facilitate your hiring decisions with factual data. These include mandatory background screening tasks and other enhanced screening tools to vet qualifying information from applicants. These are ideal for upholding internal hiring policies, as well as covering stringent statutory regulations such as Drug Testing and Fingerprinting.

Solutions for Companies Across All Industries

Your hiring process can include an established list of tasks, like prior Employment inquiries, verifying Educational credentials and specific degrees, along with finding any disqualifying criminal convictions records. All the tasks are considered and executed individually, for each Subject Name, Applicant or Vendor.

Our packages are designed to meet the widest range of checks for the majority of industry sectors. These include companies and personnel in the executive, medical, trucking, manufacturing, hospitality, banking, and educational industries or their related institutions.

Collating Accurate Information for Better HR Decisions

After analyzing the strategic information gathered about each person, you will be able to make an intentional, purposeful, and well-informed hiring decision, with proven facts, compared to the submitted Applicant information. You will be able to then assess whether a candidate is the right fit for your organization, and whether he or she will be instrumental to the creation of a better work culture in your company.

Our work efforts meet FCRA compliance and other Human Resource hiring doctrine, for every assignment. In the end, all the proven FACTS really do matter to a successful hiring decision, at the initial stage of the hiring process! You can now move forward with confidence to make the right decision on fit, training, and initiating your on-boarding process.

Begin working with our firm today! With an opportunity to consider our process, we hope to demonstrate our capabilities, earn your trust, and earn your long-term background screening business. Call us at (800) 336.1001 to place an order or to learn more about our employment screening service.

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