Professional Office Staffing

Professional Office Staffing:

Suggested Industry Background Screening Tasks:
  • Criminal History Research
  • SSN Trace and National Address Locator Report
  • Prior Employment Checks
  • Verify Educational Degrees
  • Verify Professional License
  • Professional References
  • Credit Profile Reports
  • DMV Driving History Report
  • Patriot Act Name Search
  • Sex Offender Registries
Enhanced Screening Tools for your Program:
  • E-Verify / I-9 Form Validation
  • Statutory Fingerprinting
  • Client Required or Mandatory Industry Certifications
  • Third Party Vendors (verify before workplace entry)

In the staffing industry, hiring pressures come from the need to make relevant placements fast, and spontaneously, as your Clients contact you for their needs. It is vital to have a variety of background checks completed on all of your candidates, or within segments of your temporary workers – Giving Employers an accurate, timely, and comprehensive history of just whom they are about to hire, with relevant background checks, as the important first steps.

By performing the minimum background checks for confirming Identity, worker eligibility, and industry mandated background screening tasks, you elevate your company ahead of your competitors.  Our clients benefit from our efficient and secure online technology, a platform to enhance your firm’s performance, while our work process will exceed your minimum expectations and allow placements as you need them.

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