Trucking & Transportation

Trucking / Transportation / Logistics Employee Background Checks:

Suggested Industry Background Screening Tasks:
  • Criminal History Research
  • SSN Number Trace / Address Locator Nationwide
  • Employment Verifications
  • DMV Driving History Reports
  • Patriot Act Name Search
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
  • Global Terrorist Watch Lists
Enhanced Screening Tools for your Program:
  • E-Verify / I-9 Form Validation
  • Statutory Fingerprinting / FBI Check
  • Mandatory Drug / Alcohol Testing
  • TWIC Card Issued by TSA
  • CDL Driver History Report
  • Fitness for Duty Exam
  • Third Party Vendor Checks (Conduct Prior to Entering your Workplaces)

The American economy moves its goods over the road, on the tracks, and through pipelines, on a daily basis. The Trucking / Transportation / and Logistics industries deal with delivery and inventory pressures, along with the same need to mitigate hiring risks across the full spectrum of jobs. Background checks on all your candidates gives employers a complete and accurate picture about whom they are about to hire. The complete Applicant history is the information we can provide to determine truthfulness, validate credentials, and support your firm’s hiring needs!

By performing background checks you position your company in a competitive advantage, along with a qualified workforce to get the job done. Our clients benefit from our efficient and secure online technology, a platform that will enhance your performance and exceed minimum expectations.

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