Reliable and Efficient Employment Background Screening Services

When it comes to making sure your business edges out your competition, you need to have a workforce that is not only reliable, but highly efficient from the start. This means that your company needs to have a hiring process that moves smoothly and quickly, and one that is capable of producing consistent results.  By including a pre employment background screening program to the hiring process, you not only increase HR productivity, you also take care of identity, I-9 validation, and security concerns before they happen.

Why You Should Use Employment Screening

Because each member of your workforce is an integral part of your businesses success, this means that a larger portion of hiring pressure to generate results is placed directly on the shoulders of your Human Resource department and each of its personnel.  We understand the importance of gaining a competitive edge, but we also believe that we should never sacrifice quality to expedite results.  That’s why it’s crucial to work with a team that’s able to give you the confirmed information you need, when you need it, to make a vital hiring decision.

Employment Background Screening reduces the amount of work that your recruitment team has to exert in order to qualify potential employees. An online employment screening system allows them to increase productivity and focus on other parts of their job. When you get in touch with our team, you get to speak to real professionals in real time, making it easy for you to get the right kind of service at an affordable price that works for your company.


In today’s business environment, Employers, Community Non-Profit Agencies, Churches, Schools, and Government agencies, all face hiring risks, including concerns for:

  • E-Verify Worker Eligibility Validation
  • I-9 Form Identity Concerns & Compliance
  • False Claims from Employees or Others
  • Workplace Violence & Security Issues
  • False Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • Theft of Services or Company Property
  • Potential Accounting, Tax or Finance Fraud
  • On-Site Drug Distribution or Use by Workers

Pre-Employment Background Checks
help to mitigate & eliminate your hiring risks…!

The Accu-Facts Company has been providing an employment screening service that remains unparalleled for over 25 years to businesses all over the United States. We make it a point to only obtain documents that are up-to-date from official public sources; our clients receive exactly what they need to make informed hiring decisions. To find out more on how you can streamline your hiring process, contact us at 800-336-1001.

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