What the Applicant Won’t Tell You!


What the Applicant Won’t Tell You!

Entering 2014, the business environment continues to have legitimate human resource concerns with identity theft, false claims from employees, workplace violence and prevention, workers compensation or health insurance fraud, theft of services or company secrets, drug use in the workplace and other occupational fraud and abuse issues.

Why Do Employee Background Checks?

Business owners, along with their Security and Human Resource professionals, must consider pre-employment screening as the initial and essential standard in the hiring process to counter these issues.  One must act on this policy statement and implement the process throughout the entire workforce, including with all the Vendor relationships too. 

From an objective standpoint, businesses that fail to screen, or those that inadequately screen job candidates (and service vendors), in advance of the job offer, expose themselves to the potential pitfalls noted above and a litany of other legal problems related to workplace safety issues and negligent hiring.  It’s better to take as much action as possible, at the pre-employment stage, and find enhanced value with this budget item. 

One can easily understand how these hiring problems will undermine and chip away the integrity of your workplace, even if the most stringent hiring or loss prevention program exists.  Our firm can help you, and your staff, meet these many challenges today!  

As your background screening “Vendor of Choice”, we will bring to bear over 28-years of nationwide background screening experience, professional know how with adverse or derogatory data, complete knowledge of public records nationwide, and an unblemished record of FCRA compliance.  Plus, we document our findings onsite at the source! 

Affordable, fast and accurate pre-employment and employment background screening tasks will uncover information about the candidate that you need and want to know in advance of any problem or negative publicity.  Effective actions will help you to substantiate, verify, and corroborate all the relevant data listed on the Application, the Resume, and with the interview findings.  After all, how else would you know that the applicant standing in front of you, for employment, is really the person they say they are…?  We will help you make that critical judgment with objective, reliable and vital background screening information about your candidate, or service provider. 

Remember, What the Applicant Won’t Tell You, We Will…!


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