We Are A Reliable Background Check Company

Thank you for choosing The Accu-Facts Company as your hiring partner for employment checks and verification's. Our company provides Pre-Employment Screening, with FCRA Compliant public records research nationwide. The Accu-Facts Company locates, obtains, and delivers genuine Applicant information from the source, to confirm and validate the Applicant data or we prove otherwise with our field work.

Employment Screening is "The Power Of Information"

As background check companies help you improve the quality of your workforce, it becomes critical that each potential candidate is hired free of any disqualifying problems stemming from their personal and prior employment work histories. We deliver "Factual Data" allowing you and your team to make that critical judgment, for each applicant.

These type screening tasks represent our primary services and we complete each background screening task with FCRA compliance as our primary concern, for each subject.

We conduct FCRA compliant background screening checks; we research, analyze and provide authentic court records, as needed; we gather vital information that is "transactional" certainty for you and your team. This model of performance significantly reduces the liability risks inherent in the hiring process, allowing our clients to focus on recruiting more talent, knowing that The Accu-Facts Company is conveying proven, factual information you and your team needs to make a hiring decision.

A Legacy of Quality and Efficient Service

For over 30-Years (since February 1986), our services have been utilized by Human Resources, Security & Safety, Operations, Benefits, and Logistics personnel, along with individual Business Owners too. We earn your trust and demonstrate real value delivering proven, vital and assertive applicant information, on every job.

Entrust us today with your employment background checks and hiring due diligence needs.

We will obtain and deliver all the FACTS that matter to your decision – Contact Us Today!


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