The Cold Truth: The Importance of Conducting a Public Records Search


The recent mass shooting that took place right inside the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), in Washington, DC showed the value of screening employees thoroughly, before hiring them in your company too. The gunman, Aaron Alexis, killed 12 people and injured three others, an untoward incident that may have been avoided if only his employer had been more vigilant from the start and through the several incidents that occurred prior to this horrible event. An article posted on discusses how the NAVSEA will handle this situation:

The Cold Truth: The Importance of Conducting a Public Records Search

“The shooting also raised questions about the adequacy of background checks for government contractors who have access to sensitive information. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has also ordered two sweeping reviews of military security and employee background screening programs, acknowledging Wednesday that “a lot of red flags” may have been missed in the background of the Washington Navy Yard shooter”.

“Obviously, there were a lot of red flags,” Hagel told reporters at a Pentagon briefing. “Why they didn’t get picked up, why they didn’t get incorporated into the clearance process, what he was doing — those are all legitimate questions that we’re going to be dealing with”, as the investigation continues.

The illustrated article from CBS News should serve as a reminder for businesses in all industries, particularly when it comes to hiring new employees. One of the most crucial steps of finding out the truth about the people applying for a position in your company is through a comprehensive public records search, but also verifying as much personal, non-public data as possible, in advance.

Although employment background screening tasks can easily be done through the many different companies who offer these services, it is important to note that not all of them are the same. There is still the need to find the best company who will conduct the search for validated information in a comprehensive and systematic manner. Look for an experienced company who will search public records, as well as non-public agency records, and perform a stringent screening of the information gathered to ensure its veracity. This means onsite research at the source with authentic records.

Further, it is also advisable for firms to engage a company who conducts FCRA compliant background screening checks, with a credible record of performance. “The Accu-Facts Company”, for example, employs these methods for clients who want to make sure that they are hiring the right people and that they meet FCRA compliance, and other guidelines, on every job. At the end of the day, business owners who are serious in attaining growth and success, for their firm, should never shortchange their hiring process, nor the safety of their employees and the integrity of their workplace.

Developed information about this incident today, shows the IT Contractor “sought medical treatment at two different VA hospitals prior to this shooting, for insomnia, but also that Alexis claimed in a third incident that “he was hearing voices and feeling vibrations sent through his hotel room walls”, as reported by Newport, Rhode Island police. Alexis was contracting at the Newport navy base prior and before the assignment in the D. C. Navy Yard facility. Obviously, all these circumstances are each subsequent to the original background screening assignment, as is reported today.

(Article Information and Image from Navy Yard shooting gunman Aaron Alexis roamed hallways for targets, FBI director says, CBS News, September 19, 2013)

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