The 60/40 Hiring Trap


The Accu-Facts Company

By Joseph J. Hirsch

Business owners have a lot of things to worry about for sure! Offering a quality product or service means revenue growth and business success, which is the goal of every firm. The key word is “quality,” as defined by your customers or your clients.

Related to this discussion is the idea that the most important asset for any business is the employees of the firm, along with its vendors & other third parties in contact with you and your firm. Therefore, the process of finding and hiring the right people is the key element toward your business success. However, in the business of background screening, studies and personal experiences have shown that applicant statements, along with submitted applicant information, may not be entirely true.

In fact, hiring managers statistically need to deal with an estimated range of 30-48 percent of misleading embellishments and/or outright false information, from applicants. Half-truths presented as factual statements are a real problem, faced by every owner or manager, so the idea of conducting thorough and complete background screening tasks is essential to every firm. Guesswork or thinking “I know the person” simply does not work in today’s environment.

Today, the overall hiring process, along with industry regulations and matters of statutory compliance, places obligations on the Employer to validate “personal” facts, at the initial steps in the hiring process. This process includes verifying one’s Identity (E-Verify and I-9 guidelines, for example), but then extrapolates to other essential tasks. These “Other Background Tasks” include authenticating one’s criminal record history information (as it relates to the job being offered), including the need to verify and confirm educational credentials, obtaining DMV driving history records, and verifying the candidate has a valid operating license, or confirming the authentic work history of a candidate compared to the statements and information provided by the applicant. The background check process is unique to every individual, and to the job opportunity, but the tasks we conduct and the information we convey are not unique. Rather they are the same for each candidate, and at every firm, with whom we partner our professional resources.

So, the aspects of a background screening inquiry are varied, but they are precise to each individual. If the information on each of the relevant background checks is validated and confirmed, for each individual, then the hiring manager has completed the strategic first steps to conclude a proper or well-informed hiring decision.

The professional services deployed by “The Accu-Facts Company” helps to corroborate one’s Identity, and other purported facts, by conducting the actual field work to make those validations against the statements provided on the Application, on the Resumé, or with any relevant public or non-public information. Vital to each job opportunity, our efforts prove out the factual data and push the hiring process to the next step, for the employer.

“Adverse” or “Derogatory” information discovered by our work efforts does not necessarily mean a person will not be hired for a given job opportunity. The truthfulness, along with the completeness and accuracy of the information provided in a new hiring situation, is deemed to be much more significant to many hiring managers, in most hiring circumstances. Regardless, the hiring decision is in the hands of the employer, not our firm!

People who place themselves into the 30-48 percent trap are only fooling themselves, but risk regrettable consequences, at a later date, when terminated for falsifying the application or providing false information at the outset. A business owner mitigating hiring risks, with an effective, consistent and FCRA-compliant background screening program, is taking actions to provide for the growth and success each enterprise strives to achieve.

For over 25-Years, “The Accu-Facts Company” has proven to be a trustworthy and credible partner to outsource the vital screening functions necessary to help protect your firm and foster an FCRA-compliant background screening process. Your hiring program and the data we convey are the “Simple Truths” confirmed for each Applicant package. Outsource the tasks you need — We deliver the FACTS that matter to your hiring decisions, since 1986!

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