Verification Definitions


Verification Definitions


Prior Employment Verifications:

An inquiry to confirm and validate the prior employment of the Applicant is a usual and customary background screening tool for most clients, with their hiring program and on-boarding process.  A comprehensive questionnaire is submitted to each Prior Employer to verify and confirm the Applicants submitted information. 

One’s Start and End dates of employment, the job title, performance, attendance, disciplinary actions, and reason for leaving a firm, are common and useful answers we seek with our inquiries.  The idea a person may be “rehired” is also something we pursue to answer with each Applicant assignment.

Educational Credentials and Verifications:

With this research, our personnel confirm the subject’s highest degree(s) obtained through the stated educational institution(s) listed and provided from the applicant or from similar documentation. This task and the results of our research are vital to confirm the proper and necessary degrees for licensing, certifications, and other job requirements. 

The Subject’s name, Maiden/Alias or Married names, are needed for a proper search and validation, along with the social security number, for most institutional (or School) inquiries.  Many times, the “Release Form” must be submitted prior to the time we get results from the institution or the third party vendor, to complete this background screening task.

Credential or Professional License Verification:

This type of research is usually handled with a State level agency or an industry specific certifying organization.  We attempt to confirm that an individual is legally registered, and has a current and valid license or certification, in a particular profession or trade.  This State level inquiry may also show any pending or prior “adverse” actions, filed or alleged, against an Individual or Entity, by the licensing authority. 

This inquiry may also be conducted at a Federal level agency, responsible for varying licensure, as appropriate, in a federal jurisdiction or job too. For example, this task would corroborate the “good standing” and proper registration of Doctors, Health Care workers, Stock Brokers, Educators, Scientists, and similar professions, in the federal entitlment programs or under precise third party vendor contracts, with a federal agency.

Job Reference Verification

Personal/Professional references are contacted to gather additional information about an Applicant concerning competence, work experiences, and fitness for the job in question. Personal references can help determine the true character of an Applicant, as it relates to the your current job opening. Professional references can help determine the applicant’s work ethic, the ability to work well with others, and the qualities the applicant possesses that relate to your job and your firm’s work environment.

Military Employment Verification

This search will ensure the military job history and the designated quality of your candidate’s experience, while in the military serving our country.  By verifying the official military record of your Applicant, we will verify the military branch, dates of service, and the designated discharge, characterized by the records at the central repository for each branch of service.  We validate and verify the issuance of the Form DD-214, where available and provided to us with our assignment.


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