“Answers” Need the “Right” Questions:


What is analytical and intuitive about background screening? The answer is “everything”! What does this mean to you and your hiring program? Once again, it means “everything” to each successful hire and to an overall effective hiring process.

Time is money and the money wasted on a poor hire does not reflect well on the long-term success of your business plan or on the success of your overall hiring process. Now more than ever, business owners need assurances to prove a candidates identity and work eligibility, along with various other compliance matters in hiring. Our firm can help you today with each matter!

Answers to questions on your Application, answers to questions during the interview process, answers to questions posed to previous employers, and answers that validate credentials of the applicant, for example, are all predicated on the “Right” questions, as you know. Vetting someone during a background screening process confirms and validates all the basic information to allow you to hire the right skills and the right candidate to fit your organization. Our firm provides an effective starting point to get those screening tasks and required background checks accomplished in a timely and affordable manner, for your hiring process.

Our clients utilize the “Answers” we document because our background screening process is analytical, step by step, as we address each task in the background screening assignment chronologically, to meet every important question and we find every important answer you must have assurance about and conclude to be accurate, from the applicant.

If a prior event, a “Red Flag” that prevents a hire, or if certain adverse data is discovered, but it was not admitted to or provided to you by the applicant, then it is information which is confirmed and validated by our efforts, at the source, with real time results. Importantly, our company gives you daily updates to the screening process through the completion date. No surprises, only objective, independent “answers” to the “questions” you need completed.

In the end, the “Questions” to evaluate hiring suitability, personal skills, and confirmed credentials represent the “answers” needed to make a successful hiring decision. Mitigating your hiring risks is never a haphazard process, with our clients; it is defined with real time, quality information to meet FCRA compliance, from the source. We provide FACTS that matter.

For over 25-Years, “The Accu-Facts Company” has proven to be a trustworthy and credible partner to answer your questions and provide you the vital screening functions and information necessary to help mitigate various hiring risks and related workplace liabilities. The burdens of statutory and regulatory compliance is something we can help you meet, with each hiring opportunity or volunteer placement. Your hiring program and the data we convey are the “Simple Truths” confirmed for each Applicant package. We deliver the FACTS that matter to your hiring decision and to protect your business!

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