At The Accu-Facts Company, we practice and are accountable for our work process as follows:

  • Every Consumer has the right to control access to his or her personal information.
  • Background checks should be conducted by professional, experienced, and qualified personnel, with established compliance issues in mind.
  • Personal biographical data is never and must never be sold or compromised in any way. We take security and compliance very seriously.
  • Consumers should have the ability to obtain a personal background report, at any time. Updated and changed circumstances should be accounted for too.
  • Consumers can Identify and Share their completed report when and as desired.

As a personal customer with our firm, you can purchase a personal background screening report using our secure online process, then you may choose to invite others to view the results directly.  It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s completely secure with our firm.

Allow yourself, or whomever you choose, to have timely access to the vital FACTS and information placing you above the competition, getting a key advantage for timeliness, and meeting regulatory guidelines and compliance issues without delay.

Find out if any criminal records show up in your report, or clear up potential “Name errors” in your record, prior to a potential employer, partner, church, or volunteer organization obtains any misinformation…? People can be turned down because of misinformation or if adverse data is mistakenly associated to your background.

This is the reason our services and our process meets FCRA compliance, as we document every adverse event with genuine file research and document retrieval, at the source of the filing. We help you ensure that your background report won’t have any surprise data points, or mistaken information, as it relates to a given background screening task, especially with public records of any kind.

The immediate value and benefit of a personal background report are:

  • Having a detailed personal background report ready on Yourself.
  • Confirm criminal conviction records or potential misinformation.
  • Identify the exact data Employers or Volunteer organizations will see.
  • Add a completed background report to your Application and Resume.
  • Accurate and complete research will correct any errors in advance.
  • Validated credentials in advance will help assure your timely placement.

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