Search Public Records & Impress Employers

Want to get a head start on your next Employment Application, as an Intern at school, or with a Placement as a Volunteer…..? You can have control over the administrative background screening process and know all the details of your background in advance. With The Accu-Facts Company, it becomes quick and simple to search public records to streamline the employee screening process.Employers from all over the spectrum will always appreciate the effort of an employee who takes the initiative. This presents the employee as competent, self-driven, and willing to not only make a difference for himself, or herself, but to the overall benefit of the potential employer as well. Even before you’re officially part of the prospective company, it’s still possible to present this image of professionalism to your future employer by providing to them an in-depth background report, at the time of application.

Why Conduct Your Own Personal Search?

As databases become easier to access and information becomes significantly more vital to companies of any industry, employers can and will put a lot of stock in each of their employee’s background history, at the initial stage of the hiring process. Unfortunately, because more and more public record “database” search providers are marketing their services to companies, it can be possible for employers to receive factually incorrect data.

This is because “database only results” provide employment screening data points, but this “stored data” has a higher chance to be out of date, or they may utilize stored database “Name Match only” results that have incorrectly extrapolated data from the start, at a given public record source. This circumstance can directly affect your subsequent employment status, or other future employment opportunities, unless the “stored data” is confirmed on site at the source.  Everything in your background should be validated precisely to avoid associating you to incorrect and mistaken database information.

By conducting your own personal search together with The Accu-Facts Company, you receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of your public records information.  You will see and have the opportunity to correct any data you know to be incorrect or mistakenly associated to you. Our team of professionals has been providing superior quality services to clients throughout the USA, for over 25 years, and we can help make the hiring process easier for individual clients, like yourself, as well as working with corporations planning to hire you too.

  • Have a competitive edge with your new Employer and with Your Application Process
  • Validate your Work history, Professional Experience and Educational credentials in advance
  • Gain timely admission as an Intern or to a Sanctioned Academic Program
  • Commence Work as a Volunteer, meeting the required Statutory Compliance in advance
  • Identify Potential Adverse or Name Match Errors in public records or Mischaracterizations about You
  • Confirm your Proactive Nature, establish Your Character as Intact & Maintain Data Accuracy Now

For more information on how to search public records with The Accu-Facts Company, contact us at 800 336 1001 today.

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